July 23, 2018

At three years of age, Lucia was precise about her favorite color: pink. If you met her in the elevator or the park, she always showed you a skirt, or a T-shirt, or some shoes of HER color, and if you told her that she was beautiful, she would give you a giant smile. When she started going to school, several things changed for Lucia: start early, eat out, go by bus and wear a uniform. These changes seemed to influence her character. In the mornings, she waited with her mother for the bus, head down and silent, in a navy blue tracksuit with the school's badge, and a small picnic bag. However, recently she was chatting, smiling and jumping again with other children at the bus stop. It will be a coincidence, sure, and undoubtedly it was only a matter of time before she had gotten used to her new routines and her new friends, but the truth is that she wore a great coat with a bright pink hood over her blue tracksuit.

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