June 07, 2018

Companies sometimes seem like entities with a life of their own, as if the world of living beings were made up of plants, animals, and companies. But in reality, behind them (and Emoji Glasses & Sunglasses is no exception) there are flesh and blood people who, like actors in a puppet theater, make them move. I'm one of them.
I remember when I started using WhatsApp. I was reluctant because I was afraid of becoming another mobile addict. I endured the social pressure without adhering to the plague for a long time. And although I was about to be condemned by ostracism, I remained in my persistence until the day my own mother asked me (mothers are sacred). Until then I was more a phone call or long emails person because the short summaries are not part of my character. And I hated emoticons. It seemed to me that a good use of the language was enough and was enough so that the person receiving my messages could understand my tone, my state of mind, and even the gesture that my face would have. Inserting one of those drawings seemed to be a desecration of the language and the message and a way of explicitly recognizing that I was not able to communicate correctly with words. But when I landed in the WhatsApp universe, I realized that the rules changed. Writing with a mobile keyboard forced me to write short texts, and short texts messages did not allow me to express myself, and I realized that my notes were not always well interpreted. It seemed to me that they were usually abrupt and that people thought I was angry. The ironies or the friendly tone were not always understood. So one day I started to use those drawings called emoticons to complete my skills, to help me in that desire that we, the little people, have to communicate, to be understood and identify ourselves with those around us. Little by little I learned to love them.
Now I realize that I was a dreamer thinking that words were enough to communicate: everything communicates. When there are words and when there are not. Even the gestures we do with our hands or face communicate without us noticing, our way of sitting communicates, our way of walking, our clothes, the colors we wear communicate... Everything we do, consciously or unconsciously, says something about us, places us in our particular way of being in the world. Even the sunglasses.

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